Why do E-cigarette batteries explode?

Why do E-cigarette batteries explode

It seems a pretty common occurrence in the news these days to hear that a vaper’s device or e-cigarette batteries have exploded in their hand or in their pocket. There really isn’t any mystery as to why e-cigarette batteries explode. But the public’s lack of knowledge and understanding of battery safety often leads to overly dramatised articles and news clips denouncing the safety of vaping.

The thing is, nearly all of the electronic devices we use these days contain the same type of battery technology as our vaping devices. And exploding battery incidents aren’t just restricted to the vaping world. They just seem to draw a little more attention for some reason. Armed with a little bit of knowledge it’s possible to vape and avoid ever having a device or battery blow up in your face. But first, we need to understand why batteries explode in the first place.

Why do E-cigarette batteries explode and how to avoid it? 

Why do E-cigarette batteries explodeIn the case of batteries exploding in pockets, these instances are pretty much all related to improperly storing the battery. Carelessly tossing an unprotected battery in your pocket with some keys or pocket change can inadvertently create a short circuit, causing the battery to heat up and vent or in some rare cases explode.

The simplest way to avoid this ever happening is to not store bare batteries in your pocket. Instead, use a silicone or a plastic battery case to protect the positive and negative ends of the battery and you will never have to fear that e-cigarette batteries explode and your pockets suddenly going up in flames.

In the case of mech mods, most issues occur because of improperly wrapped batteries or by overdrawing the battery. A small nick or tear in a battery wrap, once inside the metal body of a mech mod, can create a short circuit. Which will cause the battery to heat up and vent much like the example of the battery in the pocket. Many mech mods are internally insulated these days to help prevent these types of issues but not all of them are so be careful.

Why do E-cigarette batteries explode

Why do E-cigarette batteries explode and how to avoid it? 

Of course, a user building too low could also overdraw a battery. Causing it to go into thermal runaway which could lead to venting or in rare cases exploding. It’s important to match your battery to your build. Ensuring the amp limit of the battery you chose meets the requirements of the build you are using. Understanding Ohms law and battery safety will be the biggest factor in preventing these types of incidents. Anyone planning on using a mechanical mod should have a good understanding of both.

Of course, using a regulated and protected device will mitigate against these concerns but even so. Accidentally putting your batteries in the wrong way or with tears in your battery wraps could lead to similar issues. Luckily most devices these days have built-in reverse polarity protection. Meaning, even if you put them in the wrong way you should still be safe.

Regulated mods these days have all kinds of built-in protections to prevent them from short-circuiting, over-heating, overdrawing, overcharging and over-discharging. So it’s much less likely you’ll encounter any issues using one. However, even with regulated mods, caution should still be exercised and good quality batteries are always a must.

Why do E-cigarette batteries explode and how to avoid it? 

In an example, choosing the right battery for the job can make all the difference. However, in the case of dual battery mods, batteries should be married to prevent either of them draining more than the other and going out of balance. And to keep them paired when in use, flipping the order they are charged and installed to keep them evenly matched. Sort of like rotating your tires to distribute the wear evenly.

Many dual battery mods allow you to charge onboard these days. It’s imperative the batteries are closely matched to avoid any potential issues. But even onboard charging has its potential risks. In most cases, users and even manufacturers still recommend you remove batteries from devices for charging. I personally feel as though a lot of the issues with charging internally have since gone away. With all of the advancements in vaping technology and the introduction of balanced charging in dual battery devices. Even so, it will always be considered safer to charge your batteries externally.

Why do E-cigarette batteries explode
good quality battery


At the end of the day, a bit of common sense and knowledge will go a long way. Protect yourself from unwanted issues with your vaping devices. Using good quality batteries, watching for tears in your wraps, using a quality charger and not overtaxing your batteries and devices will go a long way in keeping you safe from harm. Keeping these things in mind when using them should help to keep you safe!!!

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