Wicking Cotton – The Vapors Choice

Wicking Cotton - The Vapors Choice

It doesn’t take you long once you have been Vaping, building and wicking for a while, to realise that it doesn’t matter what mod, or Atomiser set up you have, 90% of the flavour comes from the coil and wicking cotton selection, and as with the rest of the Vaping kit, there are plenty to choose from, you’d be amazed at the difference that you choice of cotton makes, not only to how you Atomiser performs, and how well it wicks, but also how long the cotton lasts before having to change it out.

There are different brands making wicking materials, and it can be confusing for vapers to choose the best vape cotton for their RDA & RDTA building and wicking needs. In fact, most vapers will often disagree on which is the best in the market. And each have their own favourites.

Wicking Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton Gold EditionWicking Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

Kendo Vape Cotton is a 100% organic, cultivated Japanese cotton specially selected for vapers. Its heat-resistant property makes it 2x longer lasting than ordinary cotton. Its excellent e-juice absorption allows vapers to do long pulls at high wattages without the cotton going dry. The Kendo Vape Cotton is ready to use, making the wicking process easier than ever! Gold edition.

Wicking Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton Gold EditionCotton size: Approx 47inch x 1.2m
Material: 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
Package Size: 143 x 77mm

Produced from pure organic cotton cultivated and grown in Japan, Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition, is one of the purest vape cotton on the market, due to its unbleached and pesticide free development, It boasts of superior absorption capabilities and lack of cotton taste or flavor.

Wicking Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton Gold EditionUnlike most conventional vape cotton which comes in pads, Kendo Vape Cotton comes in a sort of rope, approx a meter long. Which can be effortlessly pulled apart

Once you have pulled apart the section of cotton that you need, you instantly see how volume this cotton holds, it has an almost silk feel to it when you rub it through your fingers.

Wicking Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton Gold EditionThe smallest section of cotton, easily pulls apart to make two perfect sized wicks for your dual coil builds.

Wicking Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton Gold EditionDues to its fluff volume, it easily slides through your Coils, instantly volumising as it goes through. The loose fibres comb out well, for maximum wicking.

Wicking Cotton Geekvape Squares of Japanese Organic Cotton

Material: Pure Organic cotton  Size: 60 x 80mm

Geekvape Squares of Japanese Organic Cotton100% aseptic packaging Cultivated at a USDA certified organic farm & repacked at dust-free workshop

100% Japanese Organic cotton pesticide-free, never bleached or chemically treated.

Geekvape Squares of Japanese Organic CottonFollowing the more traditional design, the Geekvape Cotton, coming in 5 individually packed pads. Which will need cutting down to size, following the direct of the grain. Frustratingly the packets are designed to be opened from the top, meaning that you have to fully slide the cotton out before cutting.

As with most of the pads on the market, these pads seem to have a more course outer layer of cotton on both sides, For wicking purposes I would always recommend removing both the front and back micro layer, to expose the softer inner cotton.

Geekvape Squares of Japanese Organic CottonCompared to other cotton pads, Geekvape seem to have opted for a thinner profile, with less individual layers, meaning that you will need to cut a slightly wider strip, to get the same amount of cotton.

Due to its thinner profile, there is defiantly less volume when wicked through the Coils, which will suit some of the small RTA, which have limited space for cooling and wicking. Or when building some of the Nano Coils.

Wicking Cotton UD Muji Organic Japanese Cotton

UD Muji Organic Japanese CottonNo chemically treated, bleached, or pigmented made from 100% cotton. One Piece per bag, 5 bags per pack (you receive 5 pieces) Ideal for rebuilding wick

UD Muji Organic Japanese Cotton100% pure Japanese Organic Cotton, Individual packed, nice and clean, Special cutting design, dust proof and health friendly. UD gives you 5 individually wrapped cotton pads, that are designed to remain in the wrapper, whilst easily sliding out to trim off what is required.

UD Muji Organic Japanese CottonOnce you get the Cotton out of the wrapper, you realise that that have a lot more volume, when compared to the Geekvape Pads. And seem to have been compressed less, meaning that you instantly seem to get more volume.

As before I would recommend removing the front and rear of each pad.

UD Muji Organic Japanese CottonOnce threaded through the Coils, they instantly re-volumise. The looser the cotton fibres, the easier it will wick.

Wicking Cotton Conclusion & Recommendations

As I said at the beginning, choosing your cotton, is all down to personal preference, depending on your building and wicking style. But as with many things, you definitely get what you pay for. And this only seems to become apparent, a couple of days into Vaping. I found the the more compacted Geekvape Cotton pads, wicking becomes less effective. Whilst the Kendo Cotton’s wicking qualities continue on for days.

All of the featured cottons, deliver great flavour, with very little to choose between them. The only negative, I found with the Kendo, is that due to the fibres not all flowing in the same direction, you can find the if not rolled correctly, they can break apart whilst threading through the Coils.

Value for money wise, although the Kendo Cotton, is nearly twice the price of the others, you do get an absolute tonne of cotton in each pack, I would say 4 or 5 times the amount. So in my eyes is great value.

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