Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit Review – Is It a Gimmick or Revolutionary?

Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit Review

Let me start by saying I thought this thing was going to be pretty lame when I received the Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit. A mod that is a Bluetooth speaker? Do we even need such a thing in our life? Normally a device that does two things does neither well. Without giving too much away, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the compromises were not from the mod, more on that later.

Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit Specs

Wismec Active MOD

  • Size: 55.6 x 26.6 x 94.5mm
  • Battery: built-in 2100mAh
  • Output wattage: 1-80W
  • Output mode: VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR mode
  • Temperature range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes/0.05-3.5ohm for VW mode
  • Maximum charging current: 2A
  • Maximum output current: 50A
  • Output voltage range: 0.5-9V
  • Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector

Wismec Active 80W Starter KitAmor NS Plus Atomizer

  • Size: 27 x 47mm
  • Capacity: 2ml/4.5ml
  • Coil type: WS04 MTL 1.3ohm head
  • WS01 Triple 0.2ohm head
  • Thread: 510 thread

Wismec Active 80W Packing List

  • WISMEC Active MOD
  • Amor NS Plus Atomizer
  • WS04 MTL 1.3ohm Head (pre-installed)
  • WS01 Triple 0.2ohm Head
  • Hook
  • Four Seal Rings
  • QC USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning Card

Wismec Active 80W Starter KitWismec Active 80W Starter Kit Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Upon opening the sleeved package, I opened the box to see my jet-black mod in a felt-topped foam casing. On the left-hand side, you’ll find a box with a spare coil, USB, and other spares like o-rings and such. Under the packaging is an owner’s manual for the tank and the mod. This mod is pretty straightforward to use but it never hurts going through the manual.

The tank included with the mod, is the Wismec Amor tank. It comes with a mouth to the lung (MTL) and a direct to the lung (DTL) coil head that is in the spares box. Since the tank came with the MTL coil that is what I used first. Because this mod is supposed to be used out and about and thrown under the tank section and the drip tips are plastic.

Wismec Active 80W Starter KitI wish they would have also included a glass option for us less adventurous types, but I understand the reasoning.  The 1.3 ohm  MTL coil head has a nice restricted draw and was a pleasure to use with some 6mg e-liquid. The 0.2-ohm coil head is an excellent option for a wide open airflow and was very enjoyable to use with the mod maxed out to 80 watts. Running this mod at 80 watts for me depleted the internal 2100mAh battery quite quickly though. Including a 0.5 ohm coil instead would have made more sense.

Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit Initial Thoughts and Impressions Continued

This paragraph is going to be a longer one, you have been warned. So let’s talk about the mod.  The device was a little lighter than I thought it would have been. The exterior has a grill design on both sides with the speaker barely visible on one side. There is a silicone sleeve covering the membranes for the buttons. The membrane behind the sleeve are yellow and appear to be very durable. On the front of the mod, you will find the power/fire button and a wattage up and down key. There is a screen in the middle with a sealed USB port for charging.

Wismec Active 80W Starter KitOn the back of the mod are the controls for the Bluetooth speaker portion of the device. Pairing and listening to music was very simple to do but the range is not great. I was able to get about 20 feet from my phone and then got some skipping and loss of signal. This is still adequate for most people though.

The sound coming out of this mod is where the mod shows that a device doing two things sacrifices some quality. The sound is somewhat tinny and there is really no bass to the music at all. This is a passable speaker, but do not expect a Bose like experience from this speaker. It serves the purpose but doesn’t sound amazing.

One other gripe is the buttons are opposite for the volume.  The down volume is above the volume up button! That doesn’t make any sense!

But how does the Wismec Active 80W Vape?

Wismec Active 80W Starter KitThe vape experience is what you would expect from a well-built Chinese mod from Wismec. I have always been happy with Wismec and own quite a few of their mods.

The wattage and resistance reading are correct and consistent.  The inclusion of the Amor tank is a nice touch. The plastic tank and drip tip make this mod a true Active mod and can handle some abuse.

I have taken a shower with this mod. Thrown it in the pool, (tank removed of course) dropped it on the ground countless times and it is still functional. The durability of this mod is stellar.

Wismec Active 80W Starter KitThe vape experience with tanks for me is shaky at best. I can still only get one to three days from a coil head no matter how I vape it. This is just my experience with coil heads, not a true representation of what your experience will be.

Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit Video Review 

Final Thoughts

This mod is a fantastic offering by Wismec. The dual-purpose design of this mod is rather revolutionary in my opinion. I was completely underestimating this mod until I used it. It is easy to use and rock-solid in design. This kit is a winner for those looking for an amazingly rugged vape experience.  This mod works very well and even includes a speaker to listen to your tunes while you blow fat or skinny clouds.

This Wismec Active 80W Starter Kit is a clean, functional, yet fun device that allows you to listen to music and vape at the same time. It can handle a beating and still function as designed. This may not be what we asked for, but after using it and abusing it I can say that this is a product that I hope gets a Version 2 with a better speaker module and a larger battery capacity. Those are my only two gripes with this kit. Pick one up and rock out with your vape out!

Jess Hawkins

My name is Jess Hawkins, a YouTube reviewer (Coyote Vapor Works) and an advocate for vaping. I have been smoke-free since 2014 and love educating people on the advantages of vaping over smoking. I have a passion for converting smokers to vaping and educating them on the health benefits of switching. Thanks for reading and keep chasing those clouds!