WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit Preview | Dual 18650 Squonker with Intuitive Display

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit Preview

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit Preview

Here comes the new member of the LUXOTIC series; WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W. A powerful and delicate device, that will definitely become your loyal vaping guard. Featuring the re-designed squonk system and internal refillable e-liquid bottle of 7ml capacity, the dual 18650 box mod offers you 200W max output.

The elaborately carved lines and cutting design delivers a potent masculine force. The Guillotine V2, a high-end bottom-fed rebuildable drip atomizer, impresses us with its unique airflow design and detachable structure. Rough yet forceful, the LUXOTIC DF Box Mod with Guillotine V2 will be a good choice for all vapers.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box MOD Specifications:

  • Size: 42.1*54.5*77.2mm
  • Weight: 190g
  • Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
  • E-liquid capacity: 7ml
  • Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell
  • Output wattage: 1-200W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0ohm
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Packing List:

  • Luxotic DF Box MOD
  • Guillotine V2
  • Eliquid Bottle
  • Mouthpiece
  • Two Clapton 0.28 Ohm Coils
  • Cotton
  • QC USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warning Card
  • Spare Parts
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit

Dual 18650 Squonker with Intuitive Display:

Powered by dual 18650 cells, the LUXOTIC DF BOX is capable of firing up to 200 watts, offering you a formidable vaping experience. Equipped with the large 1.3inch OLED screen, all essential parameters can be displayed clearly.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk KitMultiple Circuit Protection Systems Applied:

Multiple circuit protection systems are applied, which makes it much more secure and more reliable.

  • Overcharge Protection

To prevent you from overcooking your batteries, the device will stop charging once the batteries are full.

  • Over-Discharge Protection

When you are vaping on your device and are trying to squeeze every last drop of power out of your batteries, the device will cut off before you begin to do any lasting damage to the cell.

  • Over 10s Run Protection

Should you accidentally press your devices’ fire button, the device will shut off after ten seconds to prevent overheating or burning out of the coil.

  • Short Circuit Protection

Should the coil you have installed, be incorrectly installed or failed, then the device will not fire should it detect any kind of short circuit in the atomizer head.

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

The micro chip inside this device is protected against reverse polarity so should you install the batteries the wrong way around, the worst thing that will happen is the device won’t fire.

  • Temperature Protection

The micro chip is also protected against overheating, so should the device detect an excess on the circuit board, it will again shut off and won’t fire until it has cooled down.

Upgradeable Firmware and Faster than Ever:

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit

LUXOTIC DF BOX comes with the upgradeable firmware. Having the latest firmware, logo, preheat function and timeout duration are all available. Plus the all-new Avatar chip to provide a faster firing speed than ever, allowing you to speed things up whilst just enjoy your vaping with no display.


As with many of today’s devices, you can charge the batteries straight in the device, but as always we recommend removing them completely and charging the cells in a separate battery charger. This also allows you to just change the batteries for a fresh pair and continue vaping all day long with no downtime.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W

A Built-in Refillable E-liquid Bottle of 7ml Capacity:

The refillable e-liquid bottle can hold up to 7ml e-liquid, extending the time between refills. You simply open the bottom of the device and carefully pull out the squonk bottle, undo the top cap, and refill with your favourite e-juice and when full, you simply need to line the tube on top of the bottle up with the brass feeder pin and push in place.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W
WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W

Paired up with Guillotine V2 RDA:

The kit includes the Guillotine V2 RDA. Coming in at 34.3mm tall and 24mm wide, it is perfectly matched to the Luxotic DF Box.

Rebuildable Clapton Coil and Open Build Space for DIY Fun:

The kit also includes a premade Clapton 0.28ohm coil, which is meant to offer you large vapor and intense flavor. Also with an open build space in Guillotine V2, you can easily install the coil and enjoy the fun to the fullest.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk KitGuillotine Multi-functional Airflow:

The atomizer tube of the Guillotine V2 has multi-functions. Simply by installing the atomizer tube upwards or downwards, you can realize two different ways of regulating airflow and get unprecedented vaping enjoyment.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk KitSo you can either have the airflow coming in underneath the coil, which will tend to deliver more dense vapor, or you can set it the other way up, so you airflow is hitting the coils directly onto the sides of the coil, tending to give you a more intense vapor.

Offering Two Drips for Your Preference:

As well as the choice of airflow, you also get the choice of drip tips to suit your vaping style. It comes equipped with the short drip tip, but you have the option of switching it out for the optional PEI mouthpiece which will offer you a completely different vaping experience.

WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W Squonk Kit Video

Final Thoughts on WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W

If you have read other articles on The Vaping Times or on my own blog, my vaping reviews, you will know I am a massive fan of the Geekvape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit. I have been searching to find a replacement for my all time favorite set-up. I would be interested to see how the WISMEC Luxotic DF Box 200W will stand up over time and if it could go on to replace what is now, my old, scratched, battered GBOX.

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