Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod Review | Dual 18650 Squonk?!

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod Review

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod Review

The Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod is a new mod from Wismec and fills a much needed niche in vaping that has been mostly ignored which is a dual 18650 squonk mod. Wismec is a company that has been around forever and is one of the brands under Joyetech so really doesn’t need any introduction but has a pretty poor track record so hopefully this mod can change that. It’s available in 4 colors, Black, Green, White, and Blue.

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod
Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions – 77.2mm by 54.5mm by 42.1mm
  • Weight – 190g
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries – Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-200W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohm
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Oversized Firing Button
  • Two Adjustment Buttons
  • 7.0mL Integrated Squonk Bottle Capacity
  • 1.3″ OLED Display Screen
  • Bottom Hinged Battery Door
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Over 10s Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Micro USB Port
  • Spring-Loaded 510 Connection

Initial Impressions on the Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod
Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod

When I first got this Mod, I kind of knew what to expect. I’ve had all their Luxotic Mods which has been a few in 2018. The Luxotic BF which was a good mod for what it was, a cheap single 18650 non-adjustable squonk mod, the Luxotic NC which wasn’t a squonk mod but instead a resin dual 2×700 version of the original NC but sadly didn’t work well, and the Luxotic MF which was a frankenstein mod of sorts allowing it to be used as a single 2×700 squonker or a dual 18650 parallel regular mod and wound up being pretty sub par.

The Luxotic DF though is essentially a gen 3 but with 1 battery removed and replaced by a squonk bottle so it has a good size and shape and design to it for sure. I really love the squonk system on this which I’ll go over more but other than that not much different than their past mods.

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod Performance

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod
Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod

Performance is going to be hard to speak about because mine decided to stop working after a week and a half. Not completely dead but started throwing up all sorts of atomizer errors, bouncing resistance and other issues.

Prior to that I used TC a little but didn’t get to really use it like I wanted and didn’t get kicked but it was pretty poor and inconsistent and choppy. I did speak with a buddy of mine and he got kicked out of TC from his and his didn’t die like mine but it seems TC is more of the same.

Power mode seemed decent enough in the little I got to use it but again couldn’t really use it enough to be through. I think at this point Wismec really needs to stop ignoring my reviews and all the complaints about their mods from people start from the ground up and not using the same old designs, chips etc.

They need to find a new chip company because their avatar controls chips they use are just bad and miles behind the similar priced chips like the aethon, omni, ant, AS etc. Not really sure what to do at this point with the performance and issues with these mods as it’s grown quite tiring for reviewing the same stuff with the same issues every month or 2 over the course of the last 18 months.

All I can do is hope they listen and take this to heart. What people don’t realize is that reviews are meant to serve 2 purpose if done correctly. Purpose 1 is obviously to help vapers spend their money wisely. Purpose 2 is that they provide valuable feedback to the companies for what they need to improve on.

Other Usage Notes

The mod itself is build solid with no rattle anywhere on it. The battery door is a standard bottom latch door which worked better for me than the Gen 3 one and worked good enough overall in the short time I got to use it so no complaints there.

The paint looks nice and doesn’t scratch off and I have no visible wear. The fire button is nice and clicky and large. It works well though and it never got stuck or anything though which is as it should be.

The screen is the standard Wismec screen on all these mods so it’s quite large at 1.3” rectangle but looks kind of pixelated and low quality. Would like to see a nicer screen personally.

I do like how they listed on their site it’s preferred to charge externally though. I don’t recommend charging internally personally so glad they said that.

Squonk System

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod
Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod

Ok, so last but not least, let’s talk about the squonk system. This is something Wismec really nailed with this mod. Love the bottle system.

They include a 7 ml silicone bottle that feels nice and a spare bottle as well. Love that. The only thing missing would have been a cap to put on the spare so you could carry it to swap out. Not a big deal though.

It uses a standard bottle system as well so should be easy to find replacement or other options from 3rd parties. They bottle is surrounded by a magnetic plate you can remove and pull the bottle out on the side. This makes it very easy to remove and refill much like the Pulse dual and much better than the bottle systems in the Desire Rage and Geekvape Gbox S200.

Overall, great squonk system that gave me no issues.

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod Video Review


So with all that said, do I recommend the Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Mod or not? If you have to ask at this point, you probably haven’t read the review. No pros or cons or anything, just avoid this mod. I only hope that at some point Wismec listens to feedback and starts making better products but until then I can’t recommend this and can only hope the next mod I review from them is better.

This is Anthony Vapes just keeping it honest, and hopefully you all can say the same and I’ll catch you on my next review.

Anthony Vapes

I started vaping in late 2011 to quit chewing tobacco. over the past few years i got a lot more into the hobby side and buying and collecting a lot of gear. Fed up with the lack of good fair reviews i decided to start doing reviews late 2016 and haven’t looked back. I enjoy providing people with technical reviews that are fair and unbiased and from a place of knowledge to help them spend their money wisely.