Wotofo RECURVE RDA Review


Wotofo RECURVE RDA Introduction 

The Wotofo Recurve RDA is a 24mm-diameter single-coil RDA (of 35mm-height, drip tip included). Designed by Mike Vapes and made by Wotofo.

It owes its name to the overall external shape design with curves like a re-curved bow, formed by its metal top cap’s external concave design, which is also followed on the external surface with its included 810 drip tips. Curved is also its deck, but convex this time.

Wotofo RECURVE RDAYou can choose many different color combinations:


Wotofo RECURVE RDA Packaging List 



Design Features and Their Usability

According to most experienced vapers, Recurve’s excelling design feature is its simultaneous lateral and almost-bottom air-feeding to a “characteristic” postless coil installation, ensuring flavourful vapor production.


The 24mm-diameter SS top cap is 1.8mm thick, thus of relatively substantial weight, giving the impression of a heavy, robust steel construction.

Its externally concave shape helps to easily grip and pull it out from the Recurve’s base. At its upper part, there are two, diametrically opposite-positioned, six-packs air inlet holes.

Internally the top cap is cylindrical and slightly domed at its top of the relatively large vaporization chamber. It also hosts two opposite-positioned long ridges at its internal periphery, paired up with two corresponding notches on the top rim of the deck (acting as stoppers), which lock the top cap on the base for screwing/unscrewing the Recurve to/from the mod. This design also allows adjusting how many air holes (in vertical pairs) to be set open (according to your preference). The available choices are to keep either two or four or six air holes open per six-pack.

Top Cap of Wotofo RECURVE RDA Continued

Just place the top cap onto the base at random. Then, by rotating the top cap clockwise while pushing it down, it will fully sit in its sealed position on the base. At the far end of the top cap’s clockwise rotation, you will have all air holes open.

You can then rotate it counterclockwise, to choose how many pairs of holes (from the two six-packs) will be open. But, the thickness of the metal top cap makes its air holes deep and it’s not very easy to see if they coincide with the deck’s corresponding air holes (you might have to take off the top cap to align the air holes appropriately or just have to test it by taking a “false” draw).

Wotofo RECURVE RDA Drip Tips

The two 810 resin drip tips included, are easily inserted in the top cap. Being externally concave, the drip tip matches to lips suitably. You can also use a wide-bore 510 drip tip with the included 510 drip tip adaptor.



The most distinguishing characteristic of the Recurve’s base/deck design is the convex shape of its “posts”, creating a horizontally-positioned half-cylindrical deck for hosting the single coil as inside a semi-closed hug. The deck’s airflow holes are encapsulated inside the “posts” in such a position, so that their outcoming-air to hit the coil’s surface laterally and from almost-below, at the same time.

Although it is a postless deck (as far as the characteristic way the coil legs’ are screwed on the deck’s bottom and not on the top of the posts), it is obvious that there are two protruding posts for hosting the two opposite-positioned six-packs of small cylindrical air holes of the deck (vertically arranged at three parallel pairs).

This airflow design’s feature of the small dotted air inlets (instead of the usually large slotted ones) is known to provide a smooth and quiet puff of flavourful vapor, due to the posts’ small and long tubes of turbulentless (less air drag) air-guidance close to the coil’s surface.


Wotofo RECURVE RDA Base/Deck Continued

The deck carries four reception holes for the single coil’s legs, for easily setting up either right- or left-wrapped coils (in each case, you only use the two diagonally-opposite receptors for your coil’s legs).

Wotofo RECURVE RDAOn the outer periphery of the posts, there are four Philips/flat-headed screws for tightly screwing the coil’s legs.

Wotofo RECURVE RDAThe convex shape of the deck (for hosting the single coil) is very spacious, permitting larger diameter coils to be used, in order for their outer cylindrical surface to approach closer to the post’s air holes (for the air to closely hit the coil’s surface, forestalling the development of any turbulence in between).

There are more on the Wotofo RECURVE RDA Base/Deck

The posts’ air holes are arranged in two lines (one above the other) of three horizontally-arranged air holes each. The bottom line of the holes air-feeds the coil almost underneath it, while the top line air-feeds the coil sideways.

The coil must be positioned in such a height over the bottom of the deck so that the incoming air from the air holes to pound the coil’s cylindrical surface from its middle down. In this way, the incoming air beats and embraces the coil by approximately two-thirds of its total surface area, resulting in adequate vaporization and thus flavor.


This means that the coils legs must be cut to the appropriate length, prior to positioning them in the deck’s leg-receptors (as usually with postless decks). But, the tools included in the packaging make this very easy. There are two coil-pivot tools, with 2.5mm/3mm-diameters. Wrapping your coil on the long side of the tool, use its short side as the guide of how long to cut the coil’s legs, in order for the coil to be positioned  to the proper height in respect to the posts’ air holes (when its legs are inserted in the coil’s legs-receptors of the deck).



And More…

But, as the deck is actually designed for hosting larger diameter coils, the 2.5mm-diameter tool should be replaced with a 3.5mm one. A 2.5mm inner diameter coil is too small for the available space of the deck, not allowing the coil’s outer cylindrical surface to reach closer to the air inlet holes of the posts.

At the bottom of the deck, the two posts create a channel between them for directing the liquid (out-coming from the bf squonk pin) to the two opposite bowls of the base’s well. This somewhat helps the situation of the relatively shallow well of the base, for faster liquid saturation of the wick’s tails and prevents severe liquid leakage over the posts’ lower air holes.


And More…

The quantity of cotton of the wick’s tails is significant when a larger diameter coil is used and the cotton’s tails fill all the available bowls’ spaces. This means that quality cotton must be used, with faster liquid saturation, otherwise leaking may be observed when over-squonking.

The problem is not only due to the shallow well of the base, but also due to the fact that the slope of the posts’ air-hole tubes (downwards to the center of the deck) is not adequate enough. So, softly squeeze your squonk bottle and “comb” your wick’s tails.

As a dripper, Recurve’s convex shaped deck guides the liquid, dripped through the drip tip on the coil, down to the base’s liquid bowls. But, do drip slowly, otherwise liquid will enter to the lower air holes of the posts.

Wotofo RECURVE RDAWotofo RECURVE RDA Performance

The fairly large deck space (for hosting the coil) and the internally spacious top cap declare a large vaporization chamber, not suitable for significant flavor analysis, but suitable for flavor integration or flavor intensity. On the other hand, the large vaporization chamber allows lower compression of the produced vapor, resulting in a relatively cooler vapor.

The included pre-wrapped coils (quad-core Nichrome Clapton of 0.2-0.25Ω) are targeting to flavor intensity (at 50-60W).


Using 0.8Ω Clapton coils (at 20-25W), the flavor intensity lowers and flavor integration prevails.

In general, 3mm-diameter pivot-core coils are more efficient for flavour integration, while 3.5mm-diameter pivot-core coils are more efficient for flavour intensity.

From loose DTL to loose MTL vaping

The Recurve, even with all air holes open, is not insanely airy for long, loose DTL puffs. With four air holes open on each side, the Recurve “moves down” to tighter DTL puffs. With only two air holes left open, it does approach a loose MTL vaping. Don’t forget to use the included 510-drip tip adaptor with a wide-bore 510 drip tip. However, closing down air holes is a compromise of the Recurve’s intended flavourful performance, since the incoming air-beam won’t directly hit/cover the whole surface of the coil.

Chain vaping (for long) substantially raised the top cap’s temperature, but not the drip tip’s. However, the temperature raised was not at the level of other RDAs of the category (under the same vaping conditions), due to the thickness of Recurve’s top cap. By using a squonk mod with a metal body/frame, the temperature rise will be even lower, due to better heat transfer from the RDA to the mod (acting as a heatsink).


Recurve is a top quality RDA, providing smooth, dense, flavourful vapor and quiet puffs. It can be setup for flavor integration (with 3mm-diameter pivot-core coils) or for flavor intensity (with 3.5mm-diameter pivot-core coils). You can even experience significant differences in flavor by using various types of coil wires. Being a single-coil RDA, Recurve is suited for single-battery squonk mods.


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